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Houston's Animal Eye Experts
Houston's Animal Eye Experts

Dr. Kohle Herrmann

Dr. M.K. (Kohle) Herrmann graduated from Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine 1970. He was an intern and medical resident at the Animal Medical Center in New York City 1970 to 1973. In 1973 he moved to Ft. Collins, Colorado and was a clinician at the teaching hospital at Colorado State University until 1974. In 1974 he returned to Texas and went into private practice in Houston. Dr. Herrmann completed the requirements for board certification and became a diplomat in the ACVO in 1976. In 1984 he started the Gulf Coast Animal Eye Clinic at the current ‘main office’ location of 1551 Campbell Rd, Houston.
In his spare time Dr. Herrmann is a gourmet cook and an avid fisherman.
Both Dr. Herrmann & Swanson travel to Texas A & M on alternate Fridays to teach clinical veterinary ophthalmology to senior veterinary students.